Sunday, December 2, 2012

Living Life Without Struggle

Living life without struggle is about changing your perception of what life is. Life is really not a battleground of endless moments to survive or fight your way through. There is not always another obstacle to struggle against. Sometimes we live our lives like this; always seeing what comes next as another moment to fight against. Life can feel this way, but it can also feel like it flows without struggle. Life can be either way for you, depending on how you perceive it. If moments feel hard, how much harder are we making them when we view it as a struggle or something we are up against?

There can be times when we make the situation much worse than it really is because we are focusing on what is hard. If all we see is the obstacle and the struggle, then of course that is how we will live. If we were to stand back and take in the whole moment for what it really is, would it feel so overwhelmingly hard? Perhaps we could get a clearer picture of the truth if we tried not to compare it to our struggles in the past. In our haste to create every moment as a struggle, we can be reliving old battles. For if we are comparing the present to a hard moment from the past, then we struggle against it in the same way.

Our perception of any moment correlates with how we feel and act. Struggle is not seeing the moment for what it really is. If we could open up to seeing the moment as it is, not from an emotional place or from memory, we could relate to it more clearly. When we are clear, the moment will feel less hard. Try not to compare the present to any old struggles you have had. Try not to emotionally fight against what is happening, and instead accept it. Struggle is a way of fighting life.

Accept life; accept where you are and every moment you are in, and the feeling of struggle will fall away. You will be living from a place that no longer seeks to struggle. Instead, you will be in the moment and seeing it for what it really is. Life will then be easier, lighter, and more fun because you have stopped seeing it as something to fight against. We can always live any new moment as a struggle or we can see it for what it is. Try not to create struggle in life just because you always have. Instead, create acceptance in your life and you will be living without struggle.

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